“Lost In the Shadows”- The Untold Story of Phoebe Munro of Medicine Hat

A recent post on the Facebook page ”If you grew up in Medicine Hat you remember when” caught my attention. 

Quite interestingly, the photo and accompanying post garnered a great deal of interest from the Facebook followers of the site, as reflected by the number of “comments” and the number of people who shared the post. Most of the “comments” offered tidbits of information about Phoebe Munro, the person depicted in the photo. Others speculated about her background and family history. 

This much however, was true. Anyone, who like myself grew up in Medicine Hat in the 60’s, and 70’s, was well familiar with this “character” and her presence on the streets of Medicine Hat, which evoked varying and different emotions from sympathy and compassion to ridicule and disregard. As Tony Giesinger pointed out, “I wonder what she thought about how people reacted or responded to her. Many of us, (me included) walked by avoiding eye contact, pretending she was not there.”  READ ON

2 thoughts on ““Lost In the Shadows”- The Untold Story of Phoebe Munro of Medicine Hat

  1. Thank you for this Bill. I also remember her. I was uncomfortable around her, never making eye contact and always avoided being near her. After reading your article which was very informative, I feel so sad for her. Such a lonely life she must have led. I guess our defence was the unknown. And we must continue to shed light on this disease.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my article. We can all do more when it comes to mental illness and trying to erase the stigma. I am glad that I could shine a light on Phoebe’s life.

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