Cannabis, Medical Marijuana and the Canadian Visitor to the United States of America

“But Officer I Have a Prescription”

In a previous article entitled, “Bill C-45: The Cannabis Act and the Canadian Visitor to the United States”, I discussed the then proposed legislation and the potential impact of the legalization of “marijuana” on the Canadian Visitor to the United States of America. Since then, of course, we have seen the passage of the legislation which makes Canada the first country of the G7 nations to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis. Since coming into effect in October 2018, there continues to be concerns expressed by some “Snowbirds” and other travelers to the U.S., to what degree, if any, an admission to CBP agent that the traveler has “used” marijuana either recreationally or medically, will have on his or her admission into the United States. I decided to examine the issue more closely, particularly, after a close friend reported that on his most recent attendance at a U.S. port of entry, (January 2019) he was asked “out of the blue” by a U.S. CBP agent, among the several perfunctory questions, “Do you have a prescription for medical marijuana? READ ON

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