“Flying the Friendly Skies” May Not Be So Friendly Anymore!

Recent anecdotal evidence would suggest that there has been a demonstrable change affecting Canadian Visitors to the United States in the wake of the new legislation regarding pre-clearance sites at Canadian airports.

Being retired, my wife and I are frequent visitors to the United States, having had the good fortune of spending our winter months down south over the last number of years. Although we have never had any difficulty in crossing the border into the United States, the “happy hour” conversations down south invariably give rise to the occasional “horror” story about a friend or acquaintance, who has had “run in” with an overzealous U.S. Customs and Border agent. (“U.S.CBP”), most of which are usually quite amusing but typically are uneventful.

However, a number of recent newspaper articles, including reported personal stories and anecdotes, suggest that there is an enhanced level of inspection and statistically, an increasing number of refusals of entry at the Canadian/U.S. border, apparently as a result of recent changes and amendments to the Pre-clearance Agreement between the United States and Canada. 


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