The Canadian Traveler and Trip Cancellation Insurance and Trip Interruption Insurance

The Canadian Traveler and Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption Insurance

“Are You in Good Hands?”

In an earlier article entitled, “Travel Insurance and the “Pre-Existing Condition” Enigma and the Canadian Visitor to the United States of America (or Elsewhere), I outlined in some detail the necessity for some form of travel insurance for those Canadians that spend an extended period of time down south, far from the cold frigid temperatures, which we typically experience during the months January through March. For those of us who are retired and are living the “good” life, we often plan while we are still continue to be in good health, the occasional holiday or extended holiday to Europe or other destinations beyond North America.

My wife and I together with another couple are planning a 10-day Baltic cruise in the spring with stops in Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and other notable cities and ports along the way. Another couple, who we know well, are planning a hiking holiday to Italy and Croatia and when recently talking about our upcoming adventures, one of our friends enquired about whether or not we were planning to get trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance. To be honest, I hadn’t given it much thought but on further reflection and further prompting from her, I decided to investigate these additional product offerings made available to the Canadian traveler by the insurance industry and others.READ ON

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