The First Australian Medlicott

History and Genealogy often intersect with interesting results

One of the most interesting facts, which I discovered in researching the Medlicott family history, which is particularly relevant for those family members who were born in Australia, is that the family origins can clearly be traced to a certain place. A place where the surname was derived from those who lived on or owned the lands and more importantly, which place can still be identified today. Few families in England can lay claim to such a distinction. Having owned lands at the place from which they took their name, which name has been perpetuated through multiple generations anwhich can be found throughout the world including Australia, the United States and Canada and which place continues to exist today, is truly quite remarkable.Medlicott was, and still is, a township in the Parish of Wentnor, Shropshire, and a relatively short distance from the border of Wales. The old Homestead, now called Medlicott Hall on the Ordnance Survey, lies on the Western slope of the Longmynd Hill and Forest, near Church Stretton some 20 miles south of Shrewsbury. More importantly, for those interested in tracing their family origins is the fact that Medlicott is a short 75 miles from the seaport of Liverpool and as history will have it, the place where so many ancestors bearing the surname Medlicott started their journey and established the family name elsewhere. READ ON

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