1 thought on ““Where Should We Send Our Son?” The Life and Times of “Stormonth” Key Matterson (1877-1949) and the Family Connection to Eagle Butte and St. Margaret’s Church

  1. Hi, Bill!
    Another great, well–researched piece!
    I found the section on names quite interesting, since I was apparently registered as Charles Henry Crockford, but baptized as Charles Henry Waller Crockford, the reason being that one branch of my mother’s ancestors would appear to have been “upper middle class”, and as a result when my mother passed away I was to inherit money from this branch of my family tree, the Waller side. When my mother passed away I did indeed inherit money, which turned out to be just about enough to pay for a short holiday in Merrie Olde. I told Arline I hope she didn’t marry me for my money–ha!
    Best wishes, and, again, I thoroughly enjoyed your piece–

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