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  1. Hi, Bill, my name is Margo Giesinger Miller, I use to be married to Phoebe Munro’s nephew in 1968, Ron Terry, I just read the information on Phoebe that you have and all is exactly what I know , all the info is correct and the only thing that I can further tell you is that I use to work at the Royal Bank back then and when I would come out from my job there and Ron and I saw Phoebe sitting on the Bus benches, we would give her $20.00 on a regular basis, and she would always reply “Thank You, Ronnie”, she always knew him, other times we would get her something to eat at the bus depot!! Your information is also correct about her being a very pretty lady, I have seen a few pictures of her back then and she was “gorgeous”!! I also have met one her daughters, Eileen, she had a cabin at Sylvan Lake and she also was gorgeous and a very nice lady!! Peggy Terry (my ex mother in law) always as your info indicates always looked out for Phoebe and her and I also on several occasions use to drive around the City centre Medicine Hat to find her and bring her cigarettes, sandwiches and other things, we had a good visit with her during those times!! She was bullied by a lot of people so a lot of times would not answer certain people who would try to talk to her, she always knew Peggy Terry, not once did Phoebe forget who she was!! I’d like to set the record straight about the fact that some people were saying when she was married to Jim Munro that he abused her, that is absolutely not true!! I have met Jim and he was a very kind, soft spoken man who loved his daughters and loved Phoebe a lot when they were together and what tore them apart was Phoebe going out at night when Jim was working with the CPR and leaving the girls alone, that happened several times so Jim took matters into his own hands and did what so many people and relatives thought he should do, also to keep his girls safe!! This info came right from my ex mother in law , who was Jim’s sister, Jim was always a happy go lucky man, never had a mean bone in his body!! Hoping this also helps because some of what people have been posting about her life and how she ended up on the streets is purely not true, they truly did not know her at all, most of what has been said is just garbage and only made up in their minds!! Hope this helps further your story on Phoebe!! I was born and raised in Medicine Hat, went to school through to my graduation year in 1967, worked at the Royal Bank and Bank of Nova Scotia, My parents were Sebastian and Ida Giesinger. Hope this info also helps your story about Phoebe, Thank you – Margo Giesinger (Terry) Miller.

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      Thanks for your message which confirms much about what I discovered in my research. I apologize for not responding sooner but I only check my homepage occasionally.By coincidence I received an email and telephone call today from John Willsher, who was the husband of Eileen, one of Phoebe’s daughters, who had passed away. He was thrilled with the article and most pleased that we set the record straight concerning her life. Bill

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