1 thought on “Germans from Galicia

  1. Hi, Bill! Many thanks for another great article! As an art historian, I can certainly relate to the problems you mention regarding ascertaining the accuracy of the information you come across.
    In addition to this, you mention St. Margaret’s Church at Eagle Butte. This is where Arline and I are having our ashes buried “when the time comes”. I attended St. Barnabas Church until I moved from the ‘Hat, so I’ve known Dave Carter ever since his dad took over the parish.
    I might also mention that Arline grew up on a farm in the “general area” of St. Margaret’s. Not only that, bur her maiden name was Schneider, and her ancestors on both sides were “Bessarabian Germans”.
    P.S. Dave suggested that our headstone at St. Margaret’s should be a “pillow” headstone, since a vertical version might be knocked over by wandering cattle!

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