The Keys to Successful Aging

As a historian and amateur genealogist, I have written extensively on various topics including articles relating to the history of the “Medicine Hat” and some of its more interesting characters and historical events. In addition to my passion for local history, I also enjoy the researching and writing from time to time about other topics which I find of interest. One such topic is “aging” and more specifically “retirement”. For those who are contemplating or who are in the early stages of this important aspect of life, here is a brief article, which is a slight departure from my usual “historical” offerings, which some may find of interest.

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“Over the Moon”-The Case of Edmund Joseph “Moon” Marcino vs. The Estate of Victoria Kolewaski

Having practiced law in Medicine Hat for over 35 years and as you can quite imagine, I was involved in many interesting cases. Here is a story I wrote several years ago which I have just updated. It is about a case which was the highlight of my legal career.
It is entitled, “Over the Moon”- The Case of Edmund Joseph “Moon” Marcino vs The Estate of Victoria Kolewaski.  READ ON

A Genealogical “Cold” Case Originating from Medicine Hat -The Story of “Thomas Wallace” and Reuniting a Handsome “Medal” and Family Heirloom to its Rightful Owner


As an amateur genealogist and historian, I have been recently involved in several interesting research projects. I have written extensively regarding my family history (Anhorn/Medlicott/McIvor) and in doing so, I have endeavored, whenever possible, to put the story in some … Continue reading

“Through the Looking Glass”-The Story of the Munro and Glass Families from Scotland And the Quest to Find the Antecedents of James Glass


Following the research, writing and posting on my personal homepage an article on a local Medicine Hat “character” entitled, “Lost in the Shadows-The Untold  Story Of Phoebe Munro of Medicine Hat”, I received a phone call from someone mentioned in … Continue reading