The Canadian Medlicotts and World War I

One of the most interesting facts, which I discovered in researching the Medlicott family history, which is particularly relevant for those family members who were born in North America, is that the family origins can clearly be traced to a certain place…a place where the surname was derived from those who lived on or owned the lands. Few families anywhere can lay claim to such a distinction. Having owned lands or lived at the place from which they took their name, which name has been perpetuated through multiple generations and which now can be found throughout the world, including Australia, the United States and Canada and which place continues to exist, is quite remarkable.

Medlicott continues to this day to be a township in the Parish of Wentnor, Shropshire, England, which is a relatively short distance from the border of Wales. The old Homestead, now called “Medlicott Hall Farm” on the Ordinance Survey, lies on the Western slope of the Longmynd Hill and Forest, near Church Stretton, a distance of some 20 miles south of Shrewsbury.

Given that the Medlicott lands were in relative close proximity to Birkenhead, Cheshire, Wales and the English port of Liverpool, it not unexpected, as you will see, that many descendants ended up in that area of the country and journeyed through that port to Australia or North America.  My wife’s Grandfather, Thomas Medlicott was born on November 24th, 1889 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, Wales and passed away on September 1958 at Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada. He married Helen Williams (1891-2012) and they had one child-Norman Thomas. Norman is the father of wife, Joan Elaine Medlicott and she has two other siblings: Charlene Anne and Thomas Clinton. Norman Thomas Medlicott was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, on June 29, 1924. In my research to this point, which has been quite exhaustive, I know of no other person born earlier in Alberta, Canada bearing the surname Medlicott. This establishes Norman Thomas Medlicott as one of the earliest if not THE earliest birth record of an Albertan born with the surname MEDLICOTT. Until someone proves otherwise, we will lay claim to this distinction.  READ ON


Demons of the Soul

The Origins and History of the Bliss Family of Medicine Hat and the Infamous Bill Bliss


Growing up in Medicine Hat, Alberta during the 50’s and 60’s brings back many fond memories and many interesting experiences. As we grow older and reminisce with family and friends about the past, these memories, for whatever reason, seem to take on greater importance in our lives.

I have always enjoyed reading about history and most recently, I became fascinated with the history of WWI. This was prompted by the discovery of pictures of my wife’s grandfather Thomas Medlicott and her great uncle, Edward Medlicott, who were both members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and who served gallantly overseas in the Great War. Both of these brothers were fortunate enough return to Canada from that conflict, while another brother George Medlicott, a member of the British Army, was not as lucky. He paid the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield of France, (Flanders) having been killed in action on the 6th of June 1918.

Recently, I had occasion to travel to France and Belgium and visited the Vimy Ridge Canadian War Memorial and famous WWI landmarks and cemeteries including familiar places or names like Ypres, Passchendaele and the infamous Hill 60, among many others. This evoked an even greater interest and passion in this remarkable chapter of our world history. READ ON