A “Busy” Retirement: Is it the Right Kind of Busy?

In a recent article entitled, “The Emotional Phases of Retirement”, I reviewed in some detail various academic studies on “retirement” that focused on a part of retirement planning not often considered or discussed, as people contemplate this phase in their life. Most articles and books on retirement planning place emphasis on the financial aspect of retirement, many promoting their own version of a plan which is guaranteed to produce financial results. Few discuss in any meaningful fashion, the “emotional” aspects of retirement and how to cope with this significant change in lifestyle. A friend who is much younger than I and who is still working but contemplating this next phase in his life, recently asked me, “if I had any difficulty in adjusting to retirement”. After a lively discussion, I sent him an email with some information on the topic.  READ ON

The Emotional “Phases” of Retirement: From a Canadian Perspective

In a recent article entitled, “Forgive Me-I Just Had a Senior’s Moment”, I lamented in somewhat of a reflective mood about describing myself as a “senior” and the inherent but short lived guilt, I felt about taking advantage of a “senior discount”. In the course of my article, while in a moment of brief melancholy, I discussed the terms “senior citizen” and “retirement” and in my research discovered that a considerable amount of academic study has taken place about this phenomena (“retirement”) and it peaked my interest so much so, that I decided to delve into the subject a little bit more and to educate myself on what has been described by many as the “emotional” phases of retirement. READ On