A Proud Riverside Rat! A Historical Vignette of “Riverside” at Medicine Hat, Alberta

My fondest memories of growing up in Medicine Hat was the time our family lived on Riverside. These were my formative years (1950-1962) and I have vivid memories of spending the summers at the Heald pool and the winter months on the high board outdoor hockey rink with the “ancient” shack, where we would put on our skates and warm up after being out on the rink during the frigid winter temperatures. READ ON


Charles Mallory Hatfield: The “Rainmaker” -The Story of a Infamous American Character Who Once Plied his Trade in Medicine Hat

The history of Medicine Hat is full of interesting characters and events but no one individual has received more “publicity” and has been the subject of more newspaper accounts than Charles Mallory Hatfield. His brief but historic visit to Medicine Hat in the 1920’s has resulted in numerous stories or accounts of his efforts to bring rain to the “parched” land of Southern Alberta following several years of drought conditions in the area.


“All Hell for A Basement”- A Historical Vignette about the Discovery of Natural Gas in Medicine Hat

There is probably no singular circumstance or event which has attracted more world wide attention or brought Medicine Hat more notoriety than the discovery of natural gas beneath its surface. This resulted in the declaration made at the turn of the century, by a world renowned author and poet of the time, that Medicine Hat was “the town that was born lucky” and that it had “all hell for a basement”.

This is that story!