Raw Recruit: The Story of “Captain” William Randolph Johnston and his Unique Connection to Medicine Hat

The march west in 1874 by the NWMP to bring law and order to the Northwest Territories created a lasting legacy and brought with it a collection of interesting characters, many of whom had an important  impact on the history of Medicine Hat. This is the story of one of these young “recruits”.  READ ON

“Some Old Glass Negatives Found in the Sommer’s Cabin”-The Story of the Jenkins Family from Medicine Hat and an Interesting Historical Discovery

A rare discovery in an abandoned cabin resulted in the author going down a geneolgoical and historical “rabbit hole” to borrow a phrase from the ‘Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’. It tells the interesting story about the Jenkins family from Medicine Hat


“Navigating through Life’s Final Passage-The History of Funeral Services in Medicine Hat

The funeral services industry remains a crucial part of our society by supporting families during times of grief and it continues to adapt to societal shifts and technological advancements. 

From a historical perspective, the funeral services is often overlooked but is an important and integral part of our culture and its history needs to be better documented and preserved for the future. 

The funeral services in Medicine Hat is no exception and thus, this article creates another interesting chapter in its storied past. READ ON

A Mother’s Lament-“A Boy of My Heart”

The history of Medicine Hat, Redcliff and the surrounding area provides some interesting and compelling stories, which for some brings back memories from yesteryear. My interest in genealogy and history often intersects with some amazing results. History is important!

Here is a story of a young man from Redcliff who paid the ultimate price on the battlefield of France and it is a story which should be told … .Lest We Forget! 

It is entitled “A Mother’s Lament -Boy of My Heart” and places the horrific loss of a young patriot in greater historical context.

The Royal…-A Nostalgic Look Back at the History of the Royal Hotel and some related historical stories about Medicine Hat

If you grew up in the 60’s,70’s or 80’s in Mediicine Hat,you will remember the “Royal” as popular bar with regular entertainment both on and off the stage. But it had a much more storied past…..Here is a nostalgic look back in time at this hotel and some related stories about my hometown


“Even the Devil Knows How to Ride”-The Outlaw Jesse James and His Distinct Connection to Medicine Hat

In the late 1890’s and early 1900’s, Medicine Hat was known as a “wild and wooly place” and many unique and interesting characters lived in or near or passed through the town. This is a story about one of the more notorious individuals that may have been a frequent visitor to Medicine Hat and it is another interesting chapter in its history.