The Consumption of Alcohol and Travel Insurance and the Canadian Visitor to the United States

In an article entitled,Travel Insurance and the “Pre-existing Condition” Enigma and the Canadian Visitor to the United States of America (or Elsewhere), I discussed stability clauses that are found in most travel insurance policies and the impact that a pre-existing medical condition may have in the ability to obtain travel insurance coverage. For the Canadian Snowbird or anyone travelling to the U.S. or elsewhere for any extended period, the importance of travel/emergency medical insurance is well documented.

Embedded in the standard policy of insurance is a section referred to as “Limitations and Exclusions” and as one might expect, this section identifies the limits of the coverage, typically in dollar amounts and exclusions -things or matters which are not covered under the policy of insurance. Travel insurance is no exception. Most travel insurance policies have an exclusion as it relates to alcohol, which for the naive or unsuspecting Canadian visitor to the United States could have some disastrous consequences. READ ON

“Trick or Treat”: Developing a Retirement Strategy-From A Canadian Perspective

In an earlier article entitled, “Retirement, Financial Risks and Negative Interest Rates”, I identified and discussed several key retirement risks that everyone contemplating retirement should know and understand. In doing so, I encouraged those entering this next phase of life to develop not just a retirement plan but rather a retirement strategy. Understanding the difference between a plan and a strategy in this context may mean the difference between a successful retirement and a failed one. READ ON