Successful Aging: Develop a Passion and a Purpose

We all wish to age well in our retirement. But how?

In an earlier article entitled, “ The Emotional Phases of Retirement” , I used the term “successful aging” to describe that emotional phase of retirement when we have effectively reached a point where “life is good” and we have reached a measurable degree of contentment.  This is when the accomplished retiree considers that the retirement role has been mastered and he finds himself in a comfortable and rewarding routine, which is both satisfying and enjoyable. He has reached the ultimate goal of retirement. He is relaxed and has a feeling of comfort and can look back and take pride in the fact that he has “worked” hard and has made a valuable contribution and now is being justly rewarded. His financial plan is has come to fruition and is firmly in place and relatively speaking, he is financially secure.

We all strive for this feeling of contentment.

But how do we get to this place?

Although financial security is a very important aspect of “successful aging”, equally important is creating an environment for emotional stability as we go down the “runway” of life.

As one author commented, “Self-acceptance, positive attitude, creative expression, purposeful living and spiritual connection” all play an important role in achieving successful and meaningful aging.