DEATH, Toilet Paper and the Coronavirus

True dignity abides with him alone who, in the silent hour of inward thought, Can still suspect, and still revere himself, in lowliness of heart.  

William Wordsworth

Death, to be perfectly candid is a bit of a morbid topic and one, which we typically try to push back into the dark recesses of our mind. But despite our best efforts, fear of dying is always present in our subconscious thoughts. As we grow older and particularly now that we are bombarded nightly with the unsettling news surrounding the coronavirus, it is not uncommon to think about one’s own mortality more often. 

In an earlier article entitled, “Successful Aging: Develop both a Passion and a Purpose”, I outlined the several key elements to creating an environment of emotional stability as we head down the runway of life-“self-acceptance, positive attitude, creative expression, purposeful living, social engagement and spiritual awakening or connection”. I indicated that we cannot speak about “successful aging” in the context of having a spiritual awakening or connection without addressing our own mortality. We must acknowledge that we all have a shelf life; it is just not clear on “our” label, the actual expiry date. READ ON