A Mother’s Lament-“A Boy of My Heart”

The history of Medicine Hat, Redcliff and the surrounding area provides some interesting and compelling stories, which for some brings back memories from yesteryear. My interest in genealogy and history often intersects with some amazing results. History is important!

Here is a story of a young man from Redcliff who paid the ultimate price on the battlefield of France and it is a story which should be told … .Lest We Forget! 

It is entitled “A Mother’s Lament -Boy of My Heart” and places the horrific loss of a young patriot in greater historical context.

1 thought on “A Mother’s Lament-“A Boy of My Heart”

  1. Hi, Bill! Another interesting, well-illustrated article! Must confess, though, I had trouble accessing it–“Read on” and “Continue reading” were getting me nowhere. However, by clicking “all over the place” I got lucky, the article appeared, and all was right with the world.

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