“Lord…. It’s Hard to Be Humble”

-Lord Delaval James de la PoerBeresford and the Mexican Ranch Near Brooks and his Interesting Historical Connection to Medicine Hat

An outcast by choice, Lord Delaval James de la Poer-Beresford, was an English/Irish nobleman, who far from living an aristocratic lifestyle in Ireland and England, became an infamous “remittance man” who was a frequent visitor to Medicine Hat in the early 1900’s. His life story has all of the “makings” of a Hollywood movie or best selling novel.

It is another interesting chapter in the history of Medicine Hat.



1 thought on ““Lord…. It’s Hard to Be Humble”

  1. Hi, Bill! Another great piece–along with many other things, it shows that the history of south-eastern Alberta isn’t dull! Was it Bob Edwards, of ‘Calgary Eye Opener’ fame, who once wrote a humorous piece in which a remittance man was described as writing home to his parents that he had acquired a large gopher ranch? In any case, many thanks again for another great article.

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