“Navigating through Life’s Final Passage-The History of Funeral Services in Medicine Hat

The funeral services industry remains a crucial part of our society by supporting families during times of grief and it continues to adapt to societal shifts and technological advancements. 

From a historical perspective, the funeral services is often overlooked but is an important and integral part of our culture and its history needs to be better documented and preserved for the future. 

The funeral services in Medicine Hat is no exception and thus, this article creates another interesting chapter in its storied past. READ ON

1 thought on ““Navigating through Life’s Final Passage-The History of Funeral Services in Medicine Hat

  1. Hi, Bill! Many thanks–Not only another great piece, but one about a topic that usually “flies under the radar”!
    I became acquainted with Jessop Nott when he came into my dad’s service station to fill up his Cadillac with gas. He was a bit of a character. As you mentioned, he was a ham radio operator; his call letters were “VE6JJ, with the “JJ” standing for “Jesse James”. Not only did he have radio equipment at his house, but he had a portable unit in the trunk of his car. I can remember one occasion when he was parked at the gas pumps and his car’s trunk lid was open. The gentleman in the car behind his asked him what he had in the trunk, and his reply was that Cadillacs were underpowered, and he needed a second engine to help the car climb hills! As I said, he was a bit of character.

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