The Keys to Successful Aging

As a historian and amateur genealogist, I have written extensively on various topics including articles relating to the history of the “Medicine Hat” and some of its more interesting characters and historical events. In addition to my passion for local history, I also enjoy the researching and writing from time to time about other topics which I find of interest. One such topic is “aging” and more specifically “retirement”. For those who are contemplating or who are in the early stages of this important aspect of life, here is a brief article, which is a slight departure from my usual “historical” offerings, which some may find of interest.

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2 thoughts on “The Keys to Successful Aging

  1. Guess I am on the right track lol, except I don’t think I can ever officially retire–just slow down lol. I love what I do, my home, yard and the odd trip; however, after the last trip and the hassle with Air Canada I swore it was my last trip lol–Covid has made that decision a reality! Another great read.

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