The “Royal” Connaught Golf Club-“The History of One of Medicine Hat’s Premiere Golf Courses”

A 100th anniversary is a significant milestone and an admirable accomplishment under any circumstances and it is most worthy of great celebration. 

In 1922, the Connaught Golf Club at Medicine Hat, Alberta was founded and it will celebrate it’s one hundredth anniversary this year. As a tribute to its storied past, it is important to recount and document its history in some meaningful and appropriate way. Here is a look back at the history of one of Medicine Hat’s Premiere golf courses.


4 thoughts on “The “Royal” Connaught Golf Club-“The History of One of Medicine Hat’s Premiere Golf Courses”

  1. Hi, Bill! Wow, a fantastic piece with great illustrations! And it certainly brought back many memories, since I attended Connaught School, and golfed at the Connaught Golf Club during its “sand greens” and “cacti roughs” days.
    Having said that, would I be out of line if I pointed out a couple of minor mistakes? On page 35 you state that “14 year old Elliott (Skippy) MacDonald defeated his younger brother Bob (17)…..” He was, of course, his older brother.
    Also on page 35 you refer to “1952–Bruce Appleton and Ray Goddard….” Bruce Appleton had a name change (I believe in his early or teenage years), and is the multiple year winner Bruce Perrin mentioned on page 29. Both Bruce and Ray were classmates of mine (Bruce, sadly, passed away a short time ago).
    Again, Bill, a great piece–I think I see a magnum opus here!
    Cheers, Chuck Crockford

    • Thanks Chuck for your continued support….and yes it brings back a lot of memories for everyone who reads the article. I enjoyed researching and writing the piece.

    • oh by the way, thanks for the edits… most appreciated. I have made the changes and added a footnote on Bruce Appleton Perrin footnote 21

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