A Genealogical “Cold” Case Originating from Medicine Hat -The Story of “Thomas Wallace” and Reuniting a Handsome “Medal” and Family Heirloom to its Rightful Owner

As an amateur genealogist and historian, I have been recently involved in several interesting research projects. I have written extensively regarding my family history (Anhorn/Medlicott/McIvor) and in doing so, I have endeavored, whenever possible, to put the story in some historical context. My interest in genealogy and local Medicine Hat history has resulted in several stories, which many have found to be interesting.

As a result of my passion for writing and interest in genealogical research, I have on several occasions been called upon or have volunteered to assist others in finding a lost relative, or discovering someone’s family origins or more recently, finding out about a newly “discovered” family heirloom and helping in establishing a family connection. When I do so, I chronicle my effort in the form of a written narrative. 

I recently wrote a story entitled Through the Looking Glass”– The Story of the Munro and Glass families from Scotland and the Quest to Find the Antecedents of James Glass,” which recounts such a story- finding the origins of a family heirloom and establishing a lost family connection. It has a unique Medicine Hat connection involving a local character known as “Phoebe Munro”. It is an interesting story with an unusual twist at the end and is a sequel to an earlier story I wrote about Phoebe Munro entitled, “Lost in the Shadows”.


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