“Through the Looking Glass”-The Story of the Munro and Glass Families from Scotland And the Quest to Find the Antecedents of James Glass

Following the research, writing and posting on my personal homepage an article on a local Medicine Hat “character” entitled, “Lost in the Shadows-The Untold  Story Of Phoebe Munro of Medicine Hat”, I received a phone call from someone mentioned in the story-John  Willsher. He is the husband of Eileen Willsher (nee  Munro), one of the daughters of Phoebe Munro. He thanked me immensely for telling her true story and  shedding a light on mental illness and the stigma associated with this disease. He stated that, “Phoebe  would be proud of her two daughters, 5 grandchildren  and 5 great grandchildren”.  

We talked about my interest in genealogy and he indicated that he too had a similar interest and that he had endeavoured to build a Munro family tree. He told me that he had reached a dead end when it came to trying to find a long lost connection to a Munro family relation and the story behind an inherited family heirloom. I volunteered to assist him in solving the impasse. This is that story…which unexpectedly has a surprising twist at the end !  READ ON



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