The Holten Canadian War Cemetery Memorial Project and a Tribute to the Fallen Canadian Soldiers from Medicine Hat ( Revised December 2020)

I have always had a keen interest in history and more recently genealogy and from time to time I have researched and endeavoured to document my family history, for what purpose, I was not exactly sure. I have always enjoyed researching and writing, which was a natural mainstay of my chosen profession. In my retirement, I continued with this passion for writing and created my own blog, where I posted many of my articles on genealogy and other topics that I found of interest. In my research, I came across this article, which explains very well, the plight of the amateur genealogist and “why” we take up such an endeavour as to research our ancestry.

Every day the task of the genealogical inquirer becomes more difficult; that task which is but faintly remembered by one generation is totally forgotten by another; and tradition, which sometimes supplies the place of testimony, is thus entirely lost. Few persons are so insensible to the ties of kindred as not to feel a legitimate curiosity in the history and connections of the individuals of their own family, a feeling which remoteness of time cannot impair and which proximity of relationships only serve to strengthen. If the greatest nations have been ambitious of deducing their history of the earliest times, surely individuals may be pardoned who seek to trace their origins in the earliest recorded annals of their country. Without attaching undue value to the advantage of birth, the love of our race is laid so deep in the foundation of human nature that such adventitious circumstances will always influence our social position. It should teach us humility when we reflect how small a space we ourselves occupy in the eye of posterity and it may inspire us with the spirit of emulation to maintain the good name we have inherited from those who have gone before us.” 

Researching family histories, not only of your own but helping others to do so as well, opens doors to self-discovery, establishes newly found relationships and friends and creates a greater appreciation of you and your families unique place in history. 

Although not always fully appreciated in the present, the hope of the amateur genealogist is that their effort will be acknowledged and rewarded in time and that someone will be inspired to take up the cause of preserving their family history and to assist others in that same cause. In the meantime, we steadfastly persevere in our quest to document and preserve our family history and to assist others in this endeavour and so continues, the plight of the genealogical inquirer.

Most recently, my genealogical research and interest in history intersected resulting in this article entitled, “The Holten War Cemetery Memorial Project and a Tribute to the Fallen Canadian Soldiers from Medicine Hat”. READ ON

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