“FRIENDLY” FIRE -The “Shocking” Untold Story of a Fallen Soldier from Medicine Hat and one of the many Tragedies of World War II


I have always had a keen interest in history, particularly the history of World War I and the Second World War. More recently, I became interested in genealogy and as a result, from time to time have researched and endeavoured to document my family history, for what purpose, I was not exactly sure. I have always enjoyed researching and writing, which was a natural mainstay of my chosen profession. In my retirement, I continued with this passion for writing and created my own blog, where I posted many of my articles on genealogy and other topics that I found of interest. 

My passion for genealogy and history often intersect with some very interesting results, which I typically will document in writing for posterity. 

Recently, I had occasion to travel to France and Belgium and had the honour of attending as a member of the Canadian delegation, the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the D-day landing by the Canadians at Juno Beach. This celebration and tribute to the many fallen soldiers who fought and gave their lives for freedom left an indelible mark and one that I will always remember.

As I travelled through France and Belgium, my wife and I came across many World War I war cemeteries, with row upon row of white markers depicting the last earthly reminder of a fallen soldier, who gave his life for love of country. Here one such story about a fallen soldier from Medicine Hat and  “shocking” story.  READ ON

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