Joseph Henry “Joe” Fisher-A “True Genuine” Medicine Hat Hockey Legend

This article was written and submitted in support of the nomination of Joe Fisher to the Medicine Hat Sports Wall of Fame.
Do you think he is deserving of such an honor?
I will let you be the judge!

1 thought on “Joseph Henry “Joe” Fisher-A “True Genuine” Medicine Hat Hockey Legend

  1. Hi, Bill! Another very interesting piece, and one that was made all the more interesting by the fact I was familiar with some of the individuals mentioned. I can remember my parents seeing Joe Fisher on the street, and their telling me he had played in the NHL (I remember thinking “Wow! The NHL!”). I can remember Bud Syverson and Vic Link from my high school days, Ron Craven I remember because I worked with him when he worked for my father at the Royal Service Station in downtown Medicine Hat, and Doug Barkley ‘s aunt lived above us when I lived on Second Street. Small world, great memories–many thanks!

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