A Distinguished Victoria Cross Recipient and a Medlicott Family Connection

I have always enjoyed reading about history and more recently, I became fascinated with the history of WWI. This was prompted by the discovery of pictures of my wife’s grandfather and great uncle, Thomas and Edward Medlicott, who were members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and who served gallantly overseas in the Great War. Most recently, I had occasion to travel to France and Belgium and visited the Vimy Ridge Canadian War Memorial and famous WWI landmarks and cemeteries including familiar places or names like Ypres, Passchendaele and the infamous Hill 60 among many others. This evoked an even greater interest and passion in this remarkable chapter of our world history.

A recent discovery while conducting some genealogical research of a distant relative that was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery and gallantry is worth being documented and a story which you might find of interest. READ ON